Wacom model identification library
libwacom Documentation


libwacom is a library to identify wacom tablets and their model-specific features. It provides easy access to information such as "is this a built-in on-screen tablet", "what is the size of this model", etc.


The usage of libwacom in an application could look like this:

     WacomDeviceDatabase *db;
     WacomDevice *device;
     WacomError *error;

     db = libwacom_database_new();
     error = libwacom_error_new();
     device = libwacom_new_from_path(db, "/dev/input/event0", WFALLBACK_NONE, error);
     if (!device)
          return; // should check for error here

     if (libwacom_get_integration_flags(device) & WACOM_DEVICE_INTEGRATED_SYSTEM)
          printf("This is a built-in device\n");


For a full API reference to see libwacom.h.


libwacom comes with a database of models and their features in key-value format. If you cannot use libwacom, the files may be parsed directly. Note that the file format may change over time, especially in the beginning.